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Thank you for your interest in our Company. Agc able to create its own goodwill and a name for itself. We are primarily exporters of all Wooden Handicraft products, wooden items, glass items, handmade products, photo frames, Handmade Clothes Products, Handmade Decorative Products, all types of wooden temple. The products are of elegance, style and superior quality. We have a well-established global client. The company understands the importance of Quality and Timely Delivery of merchandise in this competitive and challenging International Business scenario.


What We Export

Handicrafts Products

the numerous tribal crafts manufactured in India include: Antiques, Art, Baskets , Block Printing, Fabric,Gifts, Home Décor, Metal Crafts, Pottery, Puppets, Stone and Wood Works.

Jutes Products

Jute comes in a natural golden brown color which is the most preferred option. The natural brown color provides an attractive glow to the bags and others products.

Garments products

Garments are integral to human life, combining functionality and fashion in a dynamic and evolving industrythat responds to cultural shifts, technological advancements

Imitaton Jwelary

Indian imitation jewelry is a colorful, affordable, and fashionable option that allows individuals to embrace the rich heritage of Indian designs.

Indian spicies

the spiciness of Indian cuisine goes beyond mere heat; it is a harmonious blend of various spices that adds depth, character, and cultural significance to the diverse range of dishes found across the subcontinent.

Packaging Products

Agcexim packaging Products are known for their quality, durability and the precision they come with.Eco-friendly packaging materials are often biodegradable.

Fruits & vegetables

fresh and hygine fruits & vegetables are foundational to a healthful diet, offering a spectrum of nutrients and health benefits.Fruits and vegetables contain important vitamins, minerals & plant chemicals.


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We believe in Quality


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We believe in transparent and open communication. Your ideas, concerns, and feedback are not only welcomed but integral to our collaborative process. We keep you informed at every step, ensuring that you are always in the loop.


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No two clients are alike, and neither are their needs. Our team works diligently to understand your unique requirements, providing tailored solutions that address your specific challenges and goals.


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In a dynamic business environment, we strive for continuous improvement. We actively seek feedback, analyze our processes, and adapt to industry trends to ensure that our services evolve with your changing needs.

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