Indian Spices



  • pices are one of the most important ingredients in Indian dishes. Indian Spices have been popular across the world for their unique flavor, aroma, and beautiful texture.
  • India has been a front-runner in the race for export of spices. India leads in the production and their exports of different spices and products in the last few years have shown an increasing trend.
  • Out of the 109 varieties listed by the International Organization for Standardization around 75 varieties are exported and produced by India and therefore India is known to be the “home of spices”.
  • Spices are aromatic substances of vegetable origin obtained from various roots, bark, leaves, and stems of certain plants.
  • They have a varied range of properties and cater to the cosmetic, perfumery, medicinal and food industries.
  • In the medicinal sector, they act as antioxidants, antimicrobial agents. To the perfumery industry, the processed products of spices like oleoresins and spice oils play an important role.
  • Spices are valued mainly for their distinctive color, flavors and aroma and thus are indispensable for culinary purposes and flavoring.
  • Spices come with notable nutritional values and provide some major health benefits.
  • we believe that Indian culture and our unique spices in India should reach each corner of the world.

    India’s most famous seasoning is

    Garam masala

    Authentic Garam masala is actually a combination of dried spices including pepper, clove, cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, cumin, coriander, blackcardamom, Star anise,bay leaf, fennel and some spices. It is the used in many dishes, including Chana Masala. Add one to two teaspoons while your onions are frying, or while your sauce is simmering. Sometimes it’s used as Garnish.

    • Premium Quality: We ensure that only the finest whole spices are hand-selected and ground to perfection to create our garam masala blend, guaranteeing superior flavor and aroma in every batch.
    • Traditional Recipe: Our garam masala is made according to a traditional recipe passed down through generations, ensuring an authentic taste that resonates with the rich culinary heritage of India.
    • Versatile Usage: Our garam masala adds depth and complexity to a wide range of dishes, including biriyani, curries, stews, meats, vegetables, and rice dishes, making it a versatile addition to any kitchen.
    • Customizable Packaging: We offer customizable packaging options to meet the unique needs of our clients, including bulk packaging for wholesalers and retail packaging for consumer markets.
    • Compliance and Certification: Our garam masala is produced in accordance with strict quality standards and undergoes rigorous testing to ensure compliance with food safety regulations (FSSAI). We also offer organic and non-GMO options for health-conscious consumers.

    Biriyani Masala

    Experience the authentic taste of India with our premium biryani masala export. Handcrafted with the finest blend of aromatic spices, our masala promises to elevate your biryani to new heights. Perfectly balanced flavors, meticulously packaged for export, ensure that every dish delivers an unforgettable culinary journey. Explore the essence of Indian cuisine, exported with care to enhance kitchens worldwide.